We’ve been working with dental nurse Alis Fleming recently on all things uniform! Here she gives us the lowdown on what she looks for in the perfect set of scrubs.


Q: Hi Alis! Please tell us a bit about yourself


Hi! I’m 23 and I’m a qualified dental nurse living in Mid/West Wales.


When not at work, I love writing my social media blog on Instagram (@dentalisnurse), where I post about my day-to-day role and the dental profession.


I also promote the work of the incredible charity Dentaid. Dentaid Overseas Volunteering Experiences offer an incredible opportunity for UK dental professionals to use their skills in other parts of the world. 


In June next year, I'll be volunteering in Uganda with Dentaid, providing dental care, fluoride application and oral health advice to local people.


I am also the Welsh ambassador for the Society of British Dental Nurses and spend most of my days speaking Welsh to my patients.


Q: Tell us what makes a scrub set stand out from the crowd for you?

A pair of scrubs that’s diverse, that can suit different body types and make someone feel comfortable and stylish at work.

Q: What are you looking for in a pair of scrubs – is it practicality, comfort, style or a mix of all?

It’s definitely a mix of all. However, it’s important for me to have something that is super comfortable – and also stylish!


When I work an 11-hour shift, it’s important to feel comfortable and be able to move about without any trouble. As a dental nurse I assist the dental clinician with a long list of tasks, including everything from applying fluoride to patients and updating medical histories, to sterilising instruments and sorting out lab work.


I might also assist on something like dental implants (my favourite treatment to nurse for – I really enjoy the oral surgery side of dentistry) so it's important to have scrubs that are comfy and versatile.

Q: Why is what you wear so important when you work in a dentistry environment?

I always feel 10 times better if I look and feel stylish and comfortable. It’s important to be comfortable all day but also well presented as a registered professional.


I’m also a qualified beauty therapist and in my spare time practice nails and eyebrows, so I want to be presentable at work as well as in my personal life.


Q: How long do you expect a pair of scrubs to last you?

I normally switch my scrubs every six months due to the job I do, however most of my scrubs can last a good year!


It’s important they’re durable as they need to be washed so regularly. 

Q: How do you look after your scrubs at home in terms of washing and drying?

They need to be washed at 60* (degrees) and I love the beads from Lenor (they smell incredible, especially the exotic bloom). I also use a fabric softener when washing my scrubs!


Q: How do you feel the Grahame Gardner (GG) scrubs perform in the areas above?

I absolutely love my scrubs from GG, and I think the range of scrubs they have is just incredible. It means that you can pick out a style, colour and material that suits you and your body type best.

Q: What did you like most about them and why?

The urbane range are so, so stylish and are such a flattering and hugging fit for all body types. I also love that there’s a matching scrub jacket as I’m always so cold at work!


I also have the unisex reversible scrub set and these are great as a cost-effective solution. They’re super comfortable during my 11-hour shift and the turquoise colour is so beautiful.


Q: How do they compare to other scrubs you’ve worn?

I haven’t tried many scrubs sets but our old uniforms were so thin that I was always cold. We also had black scrubs which I found to be quite dull as I love bright colours. 

Q: Would you recommend the GG scrubs to colleagues

I definitely would! I have previously recommended the GG scrubs and my colleagues loved them so much that my boss bought them for us all. The reversible turquoise unisex scrub set is now our full time uniforms now.


The number of compliments we’ve had from patients has been amazing, especially on the colour of the scrubs!


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