Providing A Service For Universities and Colleges

Grahame Gardner Ltd has been helping universities and colleges to professionally manage their student workwear requirements for many years - from initial uniform selection, sizing requirements, ordering and deliveries.

With our extensive experience we believe that we offer an unbeatable service to you and your students.

How it works . . .

We begin the process by agreeing the garment range and to forecast order quantities . This system of calculating an 'anticipated stock requirement' is based on student numbers, number of garments per student, historical sizing and our experience for likely replenishment volumnes. We are then able to provide the university with a simple, reliable way to forecast the numbers with confidence and without fear of over or under-ordering.

Grahame Gardner then put the garments into production in plenty of time for the issue date, whether they are to be sent direct to the student or are to be collected from the University.

A 'Measuring Day' at your University or College can be organised to ensure that the students will receive exactly the correct size for their garments. A date is booked in advance to give you time to communicate this to the students, with specific time slots so that the day is managed with a constant flow of students arriving.  On this day all the new intake students come in to try on different garments and decide which fit is most comfortable for them. preventing over-stocking of the wrong sizes or students returning the garments because they don’t fit them in the way they would like. All we need is a room to setup in and a changing facilitiy for the students to try on the items.

To make the whole process even easier, we can return to the Universitiy just before the start of the new term to hand-out the garments to each student.

When all the garments have been distributed, Grahame Gardner will provide the university with a detailed, consolidated invoice, listing all the garments that have been allocated to each student.

It’s a system that we have successfully delivered to many universities and colleges across the UK, speak to our sales team about your requirements on 0116 2556326.

MyShop, takes the extra work from the University for those students that would like to purchase extra items for themselves.  By creating an online hidden shop, students can purchase the correct uniform at a discounted rate. The items can be delivered directly to the student or delivered to the University whichever you would prefer.


Providing A Service For Students

If you’re just starting out on your new career at a training school, college or teaching hospital you’ll probably be wearing professional workwear for the first time. Whilst some garments might be supplied to you as part of your course many students have to supply their workwear themselves.  ?????????CAN WE OFFER THEM A DISCOUNT????????


Why Grahame Gardner Ltd?

We have over many years of experience in helping our customers manage high volume uniform distribution from teaching hospitals, universities, public and private organisations. We feel that our experience we can supply a fast, cost-effective and efficient service.

  • Comprehensive stock 'Off the shelf' service available for immediate despatch
  • State of the art - Embroidery and Monogramming service  
  • Free delivery on all single orders over 10 garments
  • 2 year warranty on all Grahame Gardner products

For more information email [email protected] or call 0116 2556326 option 2.

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